Domaine Lamy Pillot Chassagne-Montrachet

France - Burgundy
René and Thérèse Lamy-Pillot
20 hectare
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The Domaine Lamy-Pillot is a family-run wine estate in Chassagne Montrachet on the Côte d'Or. It produces 80,000 to 120,000 bottles, depending on the year

In 1973, René and Thérèse Lamy-Pillot, both from wine-growing families, settled in the hamlet of Morgeot in Chassagne-Montrachet. Over the years, by dint of hard work and some shrewd ideas, the estate grew and today it comprises 20 hectares stretching over the villages of Chassagne- Montrachet, Saint-Aubin, Santenay, Meursault and Beaune.

The estate today employs seven full-time members of staff and seven part-time employees for seasonal work. Florence and Karine, René and Thérèse Lamy-Pillot’s daughters, and their husbands Sébastien and Daniel, have joined them on the estate.

The estate oversees every stage of the work, from the planting of the vine through to the marketing of its bottles, including the cultivation and care of the vine, the picking of the grapes by hand, the ageing of the wine and the bottling. The independence and the family-orientated aspect of the estate enable it to keep a close eye on all the parameters which influence, either directly or indirectly, the quality of its wines.

They do not set out to make identical wines every year, but rather to ensure they get the best out of each vintage, by respecting and taking care of every stage from the vine through to the bottling. Each vinification is an interpretation of a vintage and a terroir. The wines are adapted according to the year and the terroir, thereby enhancing the natural differences which exist depending on where a vine is planted. Respect of the soils, canopy management, vine balance, harvesting by hand, control of temperatures during vinification and ageing, natural regulation of the cellar climate are all simple values which we adhere to ensuring that our wines are the pure and simple expression of our great Burgundy terroirs.

This savoir-faire, handed down from generation to generation since 1640, and the constant quest for improvement inspire our love and passion for wine-making.

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