Ehrhart & Bonhomme focused summer tasting

  • Chris
  • Thu 14 Jul 2016

We are delighted to showcase the work of two French growers, visiting in person this month for our early summer trade tastings held in Cambridge (Côte Brasserie, Wednesday 6th July), Oxford (The Anchor, Tuesday 5th July) and London (L'Autre Pied, Friday 8th July). We will be exploring the wines of Loire winemaker Auguste Bonhomme and, joined by Corinne Ehrhart and her daughter Margot, those of the husband and wife team at Domaine Saint Remy, Alsace.

Domaine Bonhomme ‐ the Great 2015 Vintage

  1. Chardonnay Sauvage de Brie, Auguste Bonhomme, Vin De France 2015
  2. Sauvignon Sauvage de Brie, Auguste Bonhomme, Vin De France 2015
  3. Sauvignon Touraine, Auguste Bonhomme, France 2015
  4. Muscadet Cuvee de Printemps, Sur Lie Domaine France 2015
  5. Muscadet Sur Lie Domaine Le Fief de la Brie, France 2015
Loire Red
  1. Chinon Domaine Gerald Tapin, Auguste Bonhomme, Loire 2015

Domaine Ehrhart - Benchmark 2014 Tasting

Alsace Whites
  1. Pinot Auxerrois Ehrhart, Domaine Saint‐Remy, 2014
  2. Muscat Ehrhart, Domaine Saint‐Remy, 2014
  3. Riesling Villes Vignes Ehrhart, Domaine Saint‐Remy 2014
  4. Riesling Herrenweg Ehrhart, Domaine Saint‐Remy, 2014
Alsace Red
  1. Pinot Noir Rosenburg Ehrhart, Domaine Saint‐Remy, 2014
  2. Pinot Noir Barrique Ehrhart, Domaine Saint‐Remy, 2012
  3. Pinot Noir ‘H’ Ehrhart, Domaine Saint‐Remy, 2012

Invitations to our tastings are emailed to customers by the sales team 2-4 weeks in advance, and we rotate venues to give all customers a chance to attend. Please speak with to open a trade account for your business.

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