Grower of the month - Fratelli Casetta

  • Tony
  • Wed 04 Jan 2023

Each month, we will be bringing you the detailed stories of one or two growers in our portfolio who are producing excellent wines. This month, we are focussing on Fratelli Casetta in Italy.

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The Casetta family have lived in the Piedmont region of Italy since 1725 and vine growing and wine making are age-old family traditions. Brothers Ernesto and Guiseppe Casetta decided to expand the business in 1950. With tenacity and perseverance, they managed in just a short time to develop the positioning of their range on the international markets. The results that can be seen today are the work of one man, Ernesto Casetta, whose life has been, and continues to be, the guiding spirit behind this company, of which he is the soul and driving force. Ernest Casetta is now assisted in the cellar by his nephews Bruno and Pierangelo.

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