Château Pontac Loupiac

Château Pontac
Bordeaux, France

Sémillon 95%, Sauvignon Blanc 5%

Classified in the family of sweets, the Château Pontac is of great finesse in the mouth, well concentrated, lively, fresh and of a smooth creaminess. Nice nose of honey and a trail of yellow peach, fruit from the orchard. A fruity, soft palate, the evolution of a body slightly sweet and fruity, with notes of flowers and pollen.

Perfect as an aperitif with some savory biscuits, toast of foie gras or Roquefort, or cheese cubes of the Gruyère type, it will also accompany poultry, white meats, cheeses (parsley, Livarot, Munster ...) and desserts made from fruits (tarts, mousses, salads ...).

ABV 13.0%

Château Suduiraut

Château Suduiraut
Sauternes, Bordeaux, France

Sémillon 90%, Sauvignon Blanc 10%

Château Suduiraut is designed for all those who enjoy sensory and emotional experiences that are both rich and full of surprises and leave a lasting memory. With an extensive life-span, it powerfully and harmoniously combines fruit and floral aromas with roasted and candied notes.

ABV 13.5%

Château Reynon Sauvignon Blanc

Denis Dubourdieu
Bordeaux, France

Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc

The great purity of aromas that marks his style can be detected in his wines. The whites (dry or sweet), with a bursting fruit aroma, combine power and freshness in an infinite youth. The reds, with a strong fruit quality, blend with perfect harmony the velvet-like aromas with the fullness and depth of the tannins. Although irresistible while young, their longevity is astonishing.

ABV 13.5%

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