Petit Manseng


Domaine Cauhapé
Jurançon, South West, France

Petit Manseng 60%, Gros Manseng 30%, Camaralet 5%

Very attractive, fresh and lively, the nose offers a gentle caress of exotic flavours and mixed with beautiful notes of luscious citrus fruits. Gros Manseng grape harvest is a feminine wine with smooth and balanced palate with a parade of delicacies that swirl with flavours of lychees, peaches, apricots. An exercise in style that will delight you as an aperitif.

ABV 13.0%

Tastet 'Trésor' Petit Manseng

Domaine Denis Tastet
Côte de Gascogne, South West, France

Petit Manseng 100%

The nose is very fruity, with aromas of candied fruits and quinces, with notes of passion fruit and lychees. The mouth is ample and delicate, with a long and elegant finish without heaviness. A true equilibrium of softness. It is a fine, sweet, elegant wine while fresh, well balanced between the acidity, the fruity and the typical aromas of the grape variety. It is powerful and round. A wine to be served between 10 and 12 ° C, which can be consumed as an aperitif on foie gras, or as a dessert wine. It is also excellent with some cheeses such as Roquefort.

ABV 11.5%

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