Cave Banyuls l'Etoile Banyuls-sur-Mer

France - Languedoc-Roussillon
Jean Pierre Centène
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The founding fathers of l'Etoile, 12 in total, had the objective of direct sale of the production to the individuals, to convey to us their passion for vine and wine and the values of cooperation. This company was finally born after the Great War in 1912, and the founding fathers were able to express their talent in this majestic cellar.

To proceed with the ageing of great wines, great wrath were transported by sea from the center of France. Proudly displaying the Catalan colours, these great thunderbolts, fashioned by the contemporaries of Marcellin Albert , Raymond Pointcarré and Jean Jaures, always contain our oldest vintages; The cuvées of several decades which made the reputation of l'Etoile within and far from the Roussillon borders.

It is by the competence, the dynamism and an experience of almost a century that the cellar elaborates its nectars. From the vine growers to the cellar master, all these men bring to life the know-how inherited from their ancestors, repeating the same gestures, the same work, thus freezing a craft through time.
The cycle and the main stages of vine growing that make their daily lives:

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