Château Labouré-Roi Côte-d'Or

France - Burgundy
Louis and Armand Cottin
5 hectare
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The house of Laboure-Roi dates back to 1832, when it was founded in the town of Nuits Saint-Georges by M. Laboure and M. Roi. Twenty-two years earlier Monsieur Claude-Joseph Bonnet established what was to become a thriving silk company in the city of Lyon. In 1974 these two diverse interests came together, when Louis and Armand Cottin, direct descendants of M. Bonnet, purchased Labour-Roi from Robert Jeanniard, himself a direct descendant of MM. Laboure and Roi.

The symbol of Laboure-Roi is the fleur-de-lys, the emblem of the French king Louis VII, who was renowned for his honour and chivalry. The wines of Burgundy were made famous by the church, which built monasteries attached to the best vineyards, which they enclosed with stone walls.

Located in Nuits-Saint-Georges, the Labouré-Roi wine making facility is technically advanced and with a cellaring capacity of 1300 barrels, supplements the house's impressive 12th and 17th century cellars.

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